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Nonprofit Advocacy Group

Our Mission

Is to identify the city, state, and federal policies that contribute to homelessness and offer solutions for change.  There are many outdated policies that contribute to homelessness within the criminal justice system, government agency inefficiencies, the housing first model, lack of affordable housing, and misuse of government-allocated funds. 


Fighting Homelessness

Your donation will help us provide support and resources to those facing homelessness. We are grateful for any amount you can contribute.

Fighting Homelessness

We welcome volunteers and advocates to join us in our fight against homelessness. Your support can make a big difference in the lives of those who are struggling.

Fighting Homelessness

We believe that lasting change comes from legislative action. That's why we are committed to advocating for policies and laws that address the root causes of homelessness and promote criminal justice reform. 

Legislative Preview 

Will Institutional Buyers Create a New Wave of Homelessness
Will Institutional Buyers Create a New Wave of Homelessness? Some Say It's Already Happening.
Dallas Observer          July 8th, 2022
waiting for rapid rehousing
Wiped Off the Map: Homeless Feel Lost in the Shuffle Waiting For Housing Assistance
Dallas Observer     January 11th, 2023
observ homeless dallas texas
The Big Squeeze:
Surviving Dallas Affordable Housing Crunch Makes Roommates Out of Strangers
dallas mayor eric johnson hope taskforce jacob vaughn
New Task Force Report Pinpoints Issues With Response to Homelessness
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